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  • Pradeep Y

    Pradeep Y

  • Aline d'Able

    Aline d'Able

    Architect , fond of books, mountains & arts. Based in Rio

  • Tony Cohn

    Tony Cohn

  • Hiếu Phan

    Hiếu Phan

  • Marianna Zelichenko

    Marianna Zelichenko

    Once I jumped, I had to fly. I write about the consequences of living out my vision. Want help with yours? Get my vision coaching cards

  • Brian Mwangi.

    Brian Mwangi.

    Data Analyst ¦¦ R Shiny developer¦¦ I turn data into smart and informed decisions ¦¦Positive vibes.

  • Kuprii Yuliia

    Kuprii Yuliia

    QA, TA. Co-founder of the

  • Maha Jabbar

    Maha Jabbar

    As a creative, I refuse to be confined to one title, but if I have to choose an all-encompassing word to describe all that I am, I would say I am a ‘woman’.

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